Brand Identity, Journalism, Event Coordination.

World Of Our Own Media is an online publication harboring art, culture, and design. It was founded by myself and two friends, Charlie Weinmann and Chelsea Rose Brown, in 2020. With our combined backgrounds and passions for music and design, we wanted to create a journalistic media outlet for artists that we are excited about and want to amplify. And so, I was tasked with designing the identity for WOOO.

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With the WOOO identity system, I wanted to create something that reflected the dynamism and scope of the showcased artists while maintaing a look and feel that doesn't distract from them. So I designed with bold, saturated blue and green colors combined with the typeface IBM Plex Mono to create this.


Aside from desiging for WOOO, I also conduct reseach and interviews for publication. One of my favorite conversations was with Seamus Blackley, a physicist, creator of the Xbox, and most recently a, "Gastro-Egyptologist." We talked about all things bread, and how he recreated the bread that the ancient Egyptians at some 4,500 years ago. For this special article, I designed a limited run print issue.


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